FUYI – From Us to You International


What is FUYI?

FUYI (From Us to You International) is an Erasmus+ KA3 project with the aims to facilitate the emergence of positive peer role models and to boost the self-esteem, the lobbying power and the equality of chances of the youth of Roma settlements and young migrants.
If you would like to know more information about From Us to You programme developed by Élményakadémia please click here: From Us to You


Supporting partner: Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta https://maltai.hu/

What are FUYI’s challenges?

Related of targeted youth (Roma and migrant youth)…

…to tackle:

  • discrimination,
  • early school drop-off,
  • unemployment

…to improve by volunteering and competence development:

  • the emergence of positive peer role models
  • the lobbying power of them.

How is it designed?

FUYI uses a methodology based on inclusive, holistic and positive approach and the synergy of outdoor experiential education and solution focus coaching.

Main project activities occurs in each participating countries include the upscaled From Us to You best practice and project-long training of 6 „young trainers” from the Roma settlements and migrant youth communities, who, having an „on-the-job-training”, will facilitate themselves a „voluntary training and event” for another 20 young Romas and migrants (planning and execution of socially beneficial voluntary projects involving another 150-200 persons).

FUYI elements:

  1. Train the trainer course,
  2. Local FUY youth projects run paralelly in all countries – Hungary, Romania, The Netherlands, Romania:
  • facilitation training for junior trainers
  • team building  training
  • planning
  • site inspections
  • volunteering actions
  • closing for volunteer participants
  • closing for junior trainers
  1.  Job shadowing countries support each other during implementations
  2. Harvesting Seminar – The Netherlands ,
  3. Negotiations with policy makers for sustainability and change
  4. Source Seminar – Hungary

To achieve our goals, we’ll develop :

  • Collection of Easy to Learn and Use tool kit of the two methods;
  • E-book;
  • Local Adaptation Schemes of the best practice in all countries;
  • Sustainability and Further Upscaling Strategy for all countries.

FUYI period: 2019-2021