Outward Bound® Professional is the department of Outward Bound® Romania working with corporate clients and organizations. We are an independent member of the Outward Bound® International organization which is the biggest and oldest outdoor training provider worldwide. In 2018 we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Outward Bound® Romania is a non-profit civic organization working with the experiential education method. Our main target group are young people –students, disabled, disadvantaged, unemployed youth, who are looking their place in society. We also work with teachers who are willing to learn and enlarge their point of view, this way making their teaching methods more interesting and efficient for the students.

By choosing our services you are contributing to the fund established by the Outward Bound® Professional which finances the participation of the young people in educational activities. The existence of this fund gives opportunity for more young people to participate on our programs which helps them to develop their confidence, strengthen their sense of responsibility towards themselves and towards others and to deepen care for the environment.

According to the principles of experiential education, our programs are based on outdoor activities. The training goals are being achieved by professional facilitation and evaluation sessions (debriefings) after the activities.


We work with the method of experiential education, which is based on learning by experience. The program is delivered in an interactive way, the participants are fully involved during the activities. We use situational interactive, problem-solving, indoor and outdoor activities and we are having debriefing sessions after every activity. Short theory blocks are also used in order to make the processes more understandable.


The mission of Outward Bound® Professional is to achieve positive and lasting changes in the operation of companies and institutions through the development of human resources by safe and challenging outdoor and indoor activities.


• We have 25 years of training experience

• Our training courses are suited to the needs of our clients

• Our training courses are internationally recognized and are on high professional level

• We are following the highest safety standards

• Outward Bound® Romania is a member of the biggest outdoor training network in the world

• The training courses are held in a neutral place, what helps to discuss and solve the possible problems

• On our training courses there is a space for raising self awareness, learning new patterns of behavior, new problem solving strategies and effective and conscious ways of living

• Our work is based on a very efficient methodology; we use the method of experiential education

• Ecological awareness has an important role in our programs

• On our programs we offer the opportunity to do activities which are useful for the society -activities with the topic of social responsibility taking is for example the tree planting-

• If you choose Outward Bound® Professional, you support the youth programs of Outward Bound® Romania. Outward Bound® Professional is supporting financially the organization of youth and student programs.