Outward Bound Romania is an educational charity. We need your support to change young peoples’ life and contribute to a responsible youth.

If we want to ensure young people are to succeed in education or employment, be fulfilled within their families or become active contributors to their communities, then they need to develop certain attributes.

Chief amongst these are self belief, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, a willingness to accept responsibility, the ability to plan and set goals and the capacity to build positive relationships with those around them. In order to achieve this we have to provide safe and high standard equipment which are not included in the course fee payed by 90% of our participants.

                                                                                              Ádám Horváth-Kovács
                                                                                               Executive Director OBR

Some of our new projects:

-Build a new Ropes Course

-Raising the capacity of the International Youth Outward Bound Center in Sovata from 50 persons to 100 persons

You can support us through the followings:


You can donate a smaller or larger sum to Outward Bound Romania which will contribute the quality and quantity of our program.


Leave a legacy of confidence, resilience and determination

A legacy is the gift of personal property through a will by you to the people and causes close to your heart. A legacy is something you will be remembered for when you’re gone. Throughout our 25 years of existence 45,000 young people attended a life-changing Outward Bound course.

By leaving a gift in your will to Outward Bound Romania you will be offering the next generation of young people the opportunity to change their lives on an Outward Bound outdoor experience in the future.

To find out more about leaving a gift in your will to Outward Bound Romania please contact Imola Samaj via email, imola@outwardbound.ro