When participating in one of our programs, you abandon the restrictions and tedium of daily life for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that inspires confidence.  The overall benefits of an Outward Bound Romania experience are obtaining a new strength and a fresh perspective you will carry back with you into daily life.

   Discover, develop and achieve your potential.

    Leave behind the past, engage the present and prepare for the future.

    Accomplish challenging, unfamiliar tasks.

    Expand your personal boundaries.

    Learn you can do far more than you ever thought possible.

Advanced Training for Trainers course – Level 1

The main objective of the 10 day training is to form trainers focusing on experiential outdoor training techniques and to explore and share experience and build skills in the field of youth and adult education.

3rd PATHFINDER – The advanced outdoor personal development training

Is an 8-day long intensive & immersive outdoor personal development training course for young adults, with focus on leadership. 


Schooltrip on a high level! We recommend our personal development and team-building program for each class, to experience something really different from what schools can provide.  One day expedition, rock-climbing, upsailing, high-ropes course, raft building.


In the School of Nature program we learn in the nature, about the nature. We will discover the tools and toys provided by nature, to get closer to it, to contemplate it and observe the different phenomens happening around us.

Advanced Training for Trainers course – Level 2

Thematic vocational training: Interactive problem-solving activities and debriefing methods in the experiential learning


On the School of Experience program we offer  the water activities for those participants who  are over the age of 13 and they are at an advanced level, looking for new challenges.

The water activities are held on the Mureş river between 1st  of May and 30th  of October.


Wilderness Camp se adresează acelor grupuri care au participat deja la programul „Şcoala experienţelor”. Întregul program se desfăşoară în natură, în aer liber, iar participanţii sunt puşi la încercare în condiţii outdoor.


An unique experience can get during the winter months those who are ready to challenge themselves within the “Snowhoes up!” winter program. This has to be tried!


This program developed my personality and helped me to correct my mistakes.

12 years old participant

I became more open minded towards my bosses and I realized that I can work together with my colleagues and together we can solve any problems.

OBP client

Every action had a goal; they woke me up, who I am, where I am going. Thank you.

16 years old participant

I experienced that trust others is indispensable beside of openness and expansiveness. I have to be more open and patient.

16 years old participant

The program gave me energy, I relaxed and even I had felt that I was out of the group, now I feel that I‘m back.

OBP client

I experienced that trust others is indispensable beside of openness and expansiveness. I have to be more open and patient.

16 years old participant

I think it is more effective than the traditional method and should be applied in any kind of area, specially in schools.

TOT participant

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