Volunteers for solidarity- 2020

The main goal of the project is to develop social skills (self-confidence, responsibility, decision-making, emotional intelligence, communication of personal needs) among 2000 disadvantaged young people from Transylvania between 13-18 years old of age with the help of 130 non-formal programs. During the 18 months of the project we will cooperate with 8 young ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers between 18-30 years old of age from abroad, which in their turn will increase their ability of taking initiative and entrepreneurship.

Wilderness School: Developing Key Competences through Expeditions – 2019

The main goal of the project is to support the social inclusion of the 20 young participants by boosting their social and initiative taking skills during a 10 day youth exchange, where they used 8 different types of activities that belong to the outdoor and experiential education.

Career Orientation Day for young people – 2019

More than 120 students attended the event, where they met representatives of 3 universities from Tîrgu Mureş and one from Cluj-Napoca, presenting their offers.

FUYI – From Us to You International- 2019

FUYI (From Us to You International) is an Erasmus+ KA3 project with the aims to facilitate the emergence of positive peer role models and to boost the self-esteem, the lobbying power and the equality of chances of the youth of Roma settlements and young migrants.

Adventure and Learning-EVS project – 2019

The objective is to develop 8 young people on personal and professional level in an international environment, offering them possibility to gather theoretical and practical knowledge in different professions with the purpose to become active citizens in their own country and a better work force on the labor market.

Generation Europe – 2019

The whole project is coordinated by the German youth organization the IBB. The youth network created in the frame of the project includes 30 youth organizations from 15 different European countries. At international level in each year we organize a 10 day youth encounter for the youngsters, with the goal to develop the active citizenship skills of the youngsters and to support each other.

Changemakers – 2019

Our goal is to develop 18 youth workers on personal and professional level in an international environment, during a 10 days course, offering them the possibility to grow their soft and hard skills, their competences and theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of disadvantaged youth work.

HEART – 2019

Holistic Experiential Education and Artistic Approaches for Resilience and Work Engagement Tools for Adult Educators


Our main goal is double:
-one is to help the 20 orphan youngsters to improve their social/life skills, in this way increasing their chances with 50% to reintegrate into society as an active citizen with equal rights after leaving the foster homes.
-second one is to stimulate them to participate in 50% more European projects, and to grow the quality of the projects by developing their English language skills (basic level-> intermediate)


The youth exchange Young entrepreneurs took place between 12th and 21st March 2014 and included 27 participants from 5 European countries – Romania, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy. The participants were unemployed young people or young people, living in rural areas or small towns, aged between 18-25 years. They gathered together is Sovata, Romania, where the main organizer Asociatia Polihistor Excellentia with the help of the local partner Outward Bound Romania introduced different types of activities with the main aim to contribute to the development of their courage in initiative taking and their entrepreneurial spirit. Through the project we gave to the participants tools and skills for starting their own business or initiating their own projects.