During the project the young people developed their self confidence, initiative taking, decision taking, practical project management and business related skills. The participants were provided with space to exchange ideas, to develop their creativity, strategic thinking, self-esteem, responsibility. The main objectives of the project were:
•    Personal development of the participants: develop – self-confidence, communication skills, team work
•    Developing leadership skills
•    Encouraging initiative taking
•   Broadening the theoretical and practical knowledge about project management in business or non – profit activities
•    Development of creativity and entrepreneurship
•    Emphasizing the importance of healthy lifestyle in terms of spending time in nature

The method what was used during the exchange was experiential education through outdoor activities. The activities were metaphors for own businesses or projects. The exchange created also the possibility for the participants to learn about each other’s country, about each other’s culture.
The main outdoor activities what were implemented were Ropes course, an overnight snow expedition and different teambuilding and problem solving activities. We introduced some indoor activities (theories, workshops, discussions, business plan making). With the help of 5 guest experts the young people developed their own business plans or plans for initiatives and projects.