SAFE YOUTH Technical Training

Period: 21-30 September, 2013

Place: Szováta/Sovata, International Youth Center of Outward Bound Romania and Gurghiului Mountains

Participants: 18+ aged youth workers, trainers, social workers, volunteers

The main goal of the project: To teach 30 participants to build new outdoor technical elements, enable the participants to design, prepare and deliver outdoor activities in a safe way.

The main achievements: in this 9 day technical training the participants get technical knowledge about climbing, belaying low- and high ropes elements, building and using them in an educational way, and last but not least they will develop their soft skills in experiential education. For this is a must to learn how to make knots, how to climb on a tree, how to use the equipments properly, how to identify and avoid the risks, what methods could they use in a debriefing process. After all the above they will try the elements built by them.

In this training course the participants can practice on themselves – building low and high elements and test them in a safe way-, give feedback about constructions. On the 6th day they will organize a community service for teenagers from Szováta, building high and low ropes elements for them, leading the framing of the activities and the closing sessions. With this they will practice the learning by experience methods which they can use at home in their communities.

On the 7th and 8th day it will be a possibility to try themselves in an expedition, where they can gain experience in the mountains like planning an expedition and its’ risk assessment, making fire without paper and lighter, take physical and mental challenges …


– Élményakadémia KHE – Hungary
– Outward Bound Bulgaria Foundation – Bulgaria
– Eesti People to People – Estonia
– Outward Bound Croatia – Croatia
– Associação 5 Elemento – Portugal
– “Raibais kaķis” – Latvia
– 4Youth- Ukraine
– Udruženje Građana “Eco Enjoy” – Serbia
– Asociatia Obsteasca „Pro-Trebujeni”- Republic of Moldova
– Mladinski Centar Kreaktiv – Republic of Macedonia

Financial support: The Youth in Action Program of the European Commission