• Advanced Training for Trainers course Level 1


Many times the trainer’s sentences from the water days come back to me and I am able to note when I need to ask for help. It is true also for corona times.

Júlia, Hungary

The 5 days of tough stuff always come back to me and say: “You can still go on.”

John, Romania

For me the biggest learning was: when you don’t know where you are and where you’re heading, just keep moving forward. And also the concept of “we’re all together in this” so “no one should be left behind” it was a big learning that helped me to be even more empathic than usual with my clients and my team.

Ines, Tunisia

“For me the biggest learning was compassion and support… we must face a problem as one. Together we can become unbeatable, helping one another.”

Antonio, Portugal


  • trainers

  • facilitators

  • coaches

  • teachers

  • instructors

  • educators

  • guides

  • youth workers  who seek outdoor education instructional training and personal skill development

  • other professionals who work with people

Next period: 

29. July – 09. August*, 2024

*including travel days


The Outward Bound Advanced Training for Trainers course – Level 1 is a 10 days long professional development program, designed for people who would like to deep-dive into the field of outdoor/adventure based experiential education. Our aim through the program is to combine the impactful methodology of experiential education through various theories, tools and approaches from the field with the healing and stimulating effect of the nature surrounding us. 

Through AToT/1 our intention is to enhance the knowledge of the participants, leading them through a professional journey where they have the chance to experience outdoor and experiential educational tools & methods as participants, observers and as facilitators.

The course uses the outdoor environment and teaching activities to encourage interpersonal skill maturation, and keys to team development. We use a multi-day expedition on land and water to foster deeper understanding of  how key learnings can be directly applied to the participant’s own context.

The program is designed to enhance your professional flexibility: our outdoor activities are unique and exciting, through inspiring journeys of professional awareness and involvement in the natural world, participants cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion. At the heart of this process is ‘experiential education,’ or learning by doing. The core of this process is the Outward Bound Method, which on top of the experiential learning cycle of plan-do-review uses the process of transfer during or after being exposed for an extended time to nature, teaching a valuable form of transcending experiences into real life learnings & actions.

You will have the opportunity to expand the knowledge of the trade, understanding the meta-level of a training. The situations are concrete rather than imaginary, and to be tackled “here and now”. Through these experiences the trainees learn self-awareness and discover insights about their own context and their character. We make sure that as a participant of the AToT/1 you will often switch between the roles of the participant, of the observer and of the facilitator.


  • Support system of the AToT/1 offers psychological support for all of the participants. This 3-layered system will be active throughout the whole event and it is there to bring safety to the participants of the AToT/1.

  • OJT (outdoor junior trainer) –  a position open for every participant during the 5-day expedition, where they can experience the position of the expedition-leader, with all the logistics & responsibilities – supported in this process by the trainers. In this position the OJT has the chance to experiment with actions & reactions, and he will receive valuable feedback from participants and trainers.

  • The scenario offers a safe space for all participants to design and deliver a program for the rest of the group. This is an opportunity to put in practice the course learnings and insights and to create a tailor made event that brings precious input for the facilitator of this program, that he can implement later on at home.


  • the atmosphere is professional & collegial, inviting, acknowledging & honest

  • experience of how to be a conscious participant

  • experience of how to lead while you follow

  • experience of how to facilitate sustainably

  • experience of facilitation without taking away space

  • we focus on learning from each other – we know we are each other’s resourcestheoretical learning through accumulated experiences

  •  you can experience the culture of OBR and what we mean under professionalism

  • you will learn to use nature as a non-formal educational tool

  • to learn psychological first aid for your participants in distress

  • OBR diploma of participation

Our open call programs are:

  • multicultural

  • using simple English

  • outdoor-oriented

  • experiential learning oriented

  • focused on using the group for development

  • focused on developing 

    • leadership skills

    • mindfulness skills

    • state management skills


  • to understand the outdoor education process & how to implement the theoretical knowledge of experiential education

  • to learn new ways to approach work-phenomena in your professional life

  • to extend your knowledge having hands-on outdoor experience in land expedition & water expedition

  • to  extend your knowledge to do proper risk assessment & the importance of it

  • to learn to plan nature in your programs

  • to learn new activities

  • to learn new facilitation and training tools

  • to facilitate workshops & processes

  • to facilitate expeditions on land & water

  • to learn to deal with challenges in a sustainable manner

  • to learn to stay professional & perform even when out of your comfort zone

  • to handle unexpected situations as a facilitator & co-facilitator

  • to gain valuable experience on the professional practices of OBR

  • to learn the Outward Bound methodology that we use as outdoor trainers at OBR and the reason behind it

  • to experience the OB mentality at OBR


Conditions to participate:

  • Must be able to participate during the entire period of the training

  • Readiness for physical and mental challenges, including a 5-day expedition

Minimum: 20 years old by the start of program

Place: Outward Bound International Youth Center, Sovata, Gurghiului Mountains – Romania

Language:  Basic English

Participation fee: 

  • if you come to the AToT/1 funded by Erasmus+, the price of the training is 1300 €.

  • if you are from Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Danemark, UK, USA & Canada: the investment for the AToT/1 is 980 €.

  • if you are from Middle and East European countries or outside of Europe please contact us for more information about scholarship opportunities!

 The cost covers:

  •  the program costs

  • equipment

  • training handout & materials

  • accommodation

  • all meals

Type of certification of attendance awarded:

Outward Bound certificate of attendance for „Advanced Training of Trainers in Outdoor Education – Level 1


1st day

Arrival (until 5PM)

Introductory activities

2nd day

Outward Bound history

Models used in outdoor education

Team-building activities

Preparation for the expedition

3rd-7th day

Outdoor Expedition

  • Gurghiului Mountains: 3 days hiking

  • Mures Valley Natural Park: 2 days canoeing on the river

Evaluation of the expedition

8th day

High Ropes elements as learning tools (theory and practice)

9th-10th day

Theoretical input: outdoor training program design, debriefing outdoor experiential learning programs

Designing, Delivering & Debriefing own activities

11th day

Final debriefing

Departure (after 3PM)

Program coordinator:

Barabás Tünde

mobil: 0769-224 290
e-mail: info@outwardbound.ro

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