Volunteers for solidarity


The main goal of the project is to develop social skills (self-confidence, responsibility, decision-making, emotional intelligence, communication of personal needs) among 2000 disadvantaged young people from Transylvania between 13-18 years old of age with the help of 130 non-formal programs. During the 23 months of the project we will cooperate with 9 young ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers between 18-30 years old of age from abroad, which in their turn will increase their ability of taking initiative and entrepreneurship.

The objectives are:

O 1: The increasing of at least 5 skills, personal and technical competences among 2000 local young people during the volunteering periods, which have a length of 9 months.

O 2: Improvement of taking the initiative and entrepreneurship skills among those 9 young ESC volunteers from abroad, who will work with local young people, each for a period of 9 months.

O3: Increased organizational capacity of our organization with 25%, in the sense of implementing more various programs, from an intercultural point of view.


Period of the project: 01.04.2020-31.08.2022

The first two volunteers from UK and Poland will spend 9 months with us in the period: 01.08.2020-01.05.2021.

The second period for 4 volunteers from Hungary, Latvia, Germany and Spain is: 04.03.2021-03.12.2021

The third period for 4 volunteers from Hungary, Malta and Italy is: 29.11.2021-31.08.2022.


Participants profile:

-age between 20-30 years old

– good English language skills (written and spoken)

– has good physical condition, is fit and healthy

– are highly motivated to participate in this project and are committed to live 9 months in a foreign country

– are interested in learning and getting practical experience in the field of outdoor education, youth work (or already have the experience)

–  are open to physically and mentally challenging activities, adventures

–  are open minded, love to work with adults and children

Tasks of the volunteers:

-To assist at our training courses (to work with children and youth groups)

-To learn about, then to support the work of our employees (project management, accounting, program/staff coordinating, PR, youth center management, cooking, cleaning, management of the equipment, acquisition, logistics)

– Interactive presentations in schools about the volunteering in the frame of Erasmus

and promoting OBR programs

– Writing articles on their blog


Call: https://www.facebook.com/outwardbound.ro/photos/a.319003981445002/3229157583762946/?type=3&theater

Description of the project:

Volunteer actions consist of 9 months long internships, when volunteers attend with our trainers outdoor educational programs. These programs include the following activities:

– knowing each other and team building activities, which contribute to the development of youngsters from local communities by learning about cooperation and teamwork

– communication and problem-solving activities, which contribute to the development of common decision-making skills and to expressing needs and ideas in a correct and effective way

– expeditions/ climbing in the ropes course and on the rock/ programs on the water, which offer the biggest challenges and take the individuals out of their comfort zone but in a safe way. Facing the challenges gives a sense of “There is more in me” for local youngsters and contributes to increasing their self-confidence. Because in these activities leadership is given to young people, the sense of responsibility increases. At the same time, it develops the technical ability of young people.

– reflections about the experiences and their effects on daily life, which help to increase emotional intelligence

In addition to these programs, the volunteers communicate with the local community by writing the blog and by visiting the different high schools where they present the values ​​of ESC and the possibilities offered by ESC.

The presence of volunteers offers a plus, an inter-cultural aspect of our programs.



Expected results:


-75% of 2000 local youth will become more confident, will assume responsibility, will communicate in an effective way their personal needs and wishes and will have higher emotional intelligence.

-2000 young people capable to navigate in nature, to prepare shelters, to use climbing equipment and to climb, tie different knots

-2000 local young people more aware of cultural similarities and differences


-9 ESC volunteers developed on a personal level –they become more confident, more responsible, with higher emotional intelligence

-9 ESC volunteers developed at a professional level – experienced in taking the initiative, leadership, in the experiential education method used with groups of youngsters and developed in hard skills

-the sense of solidarity increased both among the local young people and the volunteers from abroad.


-the staff of the organization, 35 persons, more aware of the cultural diversity

– new and more diverse programs in relation with the previous years.

You can read the volunteers blog here:


You can see pictures about the volunteers actions: