Schooltrip on a high level!

We recommend our personal development and team-building program for each class, to experience something really different from what schools can provide.  One day expedition, rock-climbing, upsailing, high-ropes course, raft building.

Target group: V-VIII. and IX-XII. grade students

Period: 3 or 4 or 5 days

Place: Sovata, Ouward Bound Youth Center

The participation fee varies between 100-130 lei per day, depending on the choice of location and activities. It includes training, equipment, accommodation full board. It is important to know that, the  School of Experience program is a sponsored program, the costs  such as administration, purchasing and maintenance of the equipment, the  training of human resources, etc., are funded from other sources.

Apply: we are expecting the application of groups of minimum 15 members.

The presence of an accompanying teacher is obligatory. The accompanying teacher receive 100% discount after 10 children.

The “SCHOOL OF EXPERIENCE” beyond the lasting experiences, is developing skills and competencies such as self-confidence, tolerance, communication, decision making, responsibility, initiative taking, perseverance, cooperation and teamwork.

The activities used in our programs: expedition, ropes course elements, rock climbing, abseiling, shelter-building, interactive games and tasks.


Project Management

This program teaches you how to find the best solutions to the challenges that you and your group faces. The emphasis is on developing a  strategy and putting it into practice. Being an active participant in this process is essential, only this way the good and creative solutions can be found.

Leadership skills development

You can experience your own leadership skills, get to know the basics of  the leadership theories, leadership styles, and finding the most appropriate for you.

Important to know

In order to participate in the courses, outdoor experience is not required!

You can choose from the following programs:

Team building

The aim of this program is  to get to know each-other better, to strengthen solidarity, cooperation,  develop a strong team spirit. We offer this program especially to IX-XII grade students or groups of college students who are looking forward to get to know each-other better and they want to develop their team through the School of Experience.

Communication Development

The secret of team-work is the open communication between members. The aim of this course is to develop effective communication skills: good expression, sharing opinions and discussing ideas, accurate communication of information. This course will help you  to understand  better others and to make yourself more understandable.

Contact person:

Barabás Tünde

tel: 0365-407 673
tel/fax: 0265-250 939
mobil: 0769-224 290
e-mail: info@outwardbound.ro


This program developed my personality and helped me to correct my mistakes.

12 years old participant

I became more open minded towards my bosses and I realized that I can work together with my colleagues and together we can solve any problems.

OBP client

Every action had a goal; they woke me up, who I am, where I am going. Thank you.

16 years old participant

I experienced that trust others is indispensable beside of openness and expansiveness. I have to be more open and patient.

16 years old participant

The program gave me energy, I relaxed and even I had felt that I was out of the group, now I feel that I‘m back.

OBP client

I experienced that trust others is indispensable beside of openness and expansiveness. I have to be more open and patient.

16 years old participant

I think it is more effective than the traditional method and should be applied in any kind of area, specially in schools.

TOT participant

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