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Ranking in 2019:

  1. Tazmanienii /Time 17:45 h
  2. Perpetuum Mobile/ Time 18:20 h
  3. #ByTheWay/Time 24:12 h
  4. BestJobs Team/ Time 25:15 h
  5. Făgetul Clujului-Valea Morii/ Time 26:06 h
  6. Changemakers – abandon
  7. Kalandfüggők – abandon
  8. Itthonjárók -abandon
  9. Rettenthetetlenek – abandon
  10. Futattak -abandon


-2018 participant-

7-9. August 2020

Application deadline: 15. July 2020

Outward Bound’s Carpathian Adventure

An adventure for life

Teamwork – Resilience – Character

What We Believe

We believe that you can accomplish more than you thought possible through challenging settings. We believe in learning by doing.

Of course, we like to have fun to. It’s an adventure race after all!

Fast Facts:

30h adventure race

48km of trekking

43km of cycling

4,4km of rafting

1 shared experience to last a lifetime

For Fun & Fundraising:

All proceeds go towards supporting Romanian youth.

Outward Bound Romania is a non-profit organization specialized in outdoor education and leadership development. We offer life-changing experiences that encourage personal growth and community engagement. We’ve worked with over 45,000 young people to date.

Race for fun, race for good. Your participation makes a difference!

Székely Lídia

Székely Lídia

paricipant from RO.

It is not so easy!

Vass György

Vass György

paricipant from DE.

It was great!

Caitin Reply

Caitin Reply

paricipant from UK.

It’s been absolutely fantastic, 27 hours of full on activity.

Course Details

Wilderness reigns supreme in the Gurghiu Mountain region of the Carpathians.

Trek through unbounded forests, summit 1,777m for jaw-dropping views, ford rivers, navigate through towering brambles, and abseil down a sheer rock face.

And did we mention bears? Over 60% of European bears live in our neck of the woods. Don’t worry, we provide bear spray!

Entry Fee:  280 EUR /team

For company:  280 EUR /team +1000 EUR fundraising

Want to Fundraise?

If you would like to fundraise for the race, we would be more than grateful. Please contact attila@outwardbound.ro for creative ideas on how to do this / and marketing material.


  • What does the money go towards? The entry fee will cover the organization costs All donations from this event (money raised by teams, not the entry fee) goes towards our programming. We would like to create and equip new meeting and activity spaces for our educational programs. We support over 2500 children/year.

  • Do I have to donate? We don’t require donations, but we’d be grateful if you do want to support our transformative programming for Romanian youth.

  • Is it mandatory to have a female team member? Yes. If there are no female team members on race day, your team will be disqualified.

  • What kind of shape do I need to be in? This is a challenging course and you will cover a lot of distance. If you are accustomed to marathons and ultra races, this may very well be manageable for you. If you are a weekend warrior type, we’d recommend preparing.

  • What training should I do to prepare? We recommend this resource to help you prepare for the race, from a physical and mental standpoint: http://adventure-race-training.com/Adventure-Racing-101/Train-For-First-Adventure-Race.php

  • Can I participate if I have an existing health condition? It depends. We require a medical history as part of the application, which a medical professional will review. They will make the ultimate determination.. We will give you the answer within 7 calendar days of receiving your application.

  • Should I get insurance? Yes. We aim for utmost safety in the course and provide on-site medical responders, however, because of the nature of adventure races and the dynamics of participating in an athletic event outdoors, it is better to be have a plan in case of an emergency.

  • Do I have to bring my medical certificate to the race? An official medical certificate is mandatory. This has to be dated less than 1 month before the beginning of the competition, attesting to your ability to participate in athletic endeavors as included in the race. Without this medical certificate you will not be registered.

  • Is the wildlife dangerous? / Are the bears dangerous? Because the race runs through the night and in a wilderness zone, you should always be vigilant of your surroundings. We have staff stationed throughout the course and the activity of racers will offer noise and warning of human activity for the wildlife. However, given the natural environment, there is always the chance for an interaction with wildlife. We will go over safety measures and what to do in case of such circumstances.

  • Can we sleep during the race? Sleeping is admissible during the race. For this reason you must bring a tarp or tent (as is written in the rules of the competition)

  • What kinds of food should we bring with us during the race? We recommend foods that are: Small, light, packable Energy dense, such as protein bars, Snickers, trail mix, etc. Easily digestible, quick to eat on the move Not easily perishable (i.e., an orange versus a pear) you must pack out all food wraps and waste during the race.

  • We recommend that you bring electrolytes (sports drinks, powder mixes, etc. with NaCl, Ca, Mg (salt, Calcium and Magnesium), vitamins, and nutritional supplements, because your body will lose minerals and salt. drink water regularly (ex. three or four drops of water at every half hour).

  • Can we use GPS? Yes, you can. But we will not provide you the track of the route. We recommend you to use the map and the compass to have a greater challenge.

  • Will we be able to refill our water supplies (bottles, bladders, etc.) during the race? Yes, there will be several places where you can fill up your water bottles, but these places will be shared with you only in the technical meeting. Saying hydrated is one of the most important safety measures so we emphasize drinking water frequently throughout the race. In case you get injured, you must have water for cleaning the wound, too. We recommend you to bring at least 0.5 l extra water/person than you calculated before.

  • Must the 5th registered “extra team member” be there? No. We expect only 4 people from each team. The 5th person is intended to be on standby in case someone drops out beforehand. If a team member needs to drop out, they must do so before August 9, 6:00 AM (Romanian time). At that point, the extra member will switch the team member who is dropping out. Otherwise the extra member will remain at home on race day (unless they want to come and cheer you on!)

  • Can we replace a team member during the race? No A team member can only be replaced through August 9, 6:00 AM (at least 24 hours before the race), as it is written in the rules of the competition. If a team member is injured during the race, the team is no longer qualified to medal, though they can continue to race for the personal challenge if they want.

  • Can we have a support team? Yes, you can. The support team has to stay on the premises of the Outward Bound Center’ territory., Support team members are not allowed to step on the race’s route between the on-boarding technical meeting until the end of the race. Organizers can ask for his/her help in rescue-situations.

  • Can we buy food at the OB Center? Unfortunately, no. The nearest little shop is located 1 km from the center. In Sovata there are two shopping centers where you can buy household commodities and food.

  • How do I get there? The closest international airports are located in Cluj Napoca and Targu Mures. You can find flights from London, Brussels, Paris, Budapest, and many cities in Germany. You can rent a car and buses are also available. If you want to arrange a shuttle transfer, you can contact the company (named: Vándor Székely) which offers this service: +40 755 612 373.

  • Is accomodation available? We offer accomodation in Sovata (at the Outward Bound Center). The first 10 registered teams receive free accomodation. We can offer place for tent. Sovata is a recreation place, especially in Summer. You can book your accommodation at pensions in the town of Sovata.

  • Could we arrive earlier than August 9., and can we leave later than August 11? Yes, if you are one of the first 10 registered team. The cost is 10 Eur/person/night.

  • Can we borrow mountain bikes there? Unfortunately not, but we can manage this if you come from a foreign country and you give us this request at the registration. We can borrow bikes for 30 Eur/piece (including the transport).