GDPR policy at Outward Bound Romania
Personal data protection

Outward Bound Romania is commited to respecting your private life. We take data protection, security and conforming with the legislation regarding the protection of your personal data and your private life very seriously.

The responsibility of processing personal data

Personal data are being processed by the data operator Societatea pentru Tineret OUTWARD BOUND ROMANIA, headquartered in Targu-Mures, 9/89,Gheorghe Doja street, fiscal code RO5641324, bank account: RO49 RNCB 0193 0159 6823 0001/ROL, open at BCR Central Targu Mures, with the following contact information:
Telephone number: +40 365 407 673
You can contact the DPO of the operator at the following email address:

We keep your data safe
Outward Bound Romania keeps your data safe. We have taken all the technical and organizational measures to protect and secure data.
What happens with your personal data at Outward Bound Romania
When you are using our services, you give us access to a few personal and special personal data. Below, there are a few examples of situations when we use this data:
-to safely facilitate your access to our services and to offer you a relevant menu that is based on the dietary information that you supply to us

-to answer your questions regarding our programs and services

-to improve our programs and services

-to answer questions about the invoice
Your permission
You have the possibility to express your agreement for processing your personal and special data, including your Personal Numerical Code and/or of some illnesses, in the conditions described in the „GDPR Policy” available on You will thereby benefit from personalized services and offers, adjusted to your needs, so that you can get the best Outward Bound Romania services and experiences.
By understanding the in which you are using Outward Bound Romania’s services, we can improve your lifestyle and we can offer you experiences and services adjusted to your needs. We can recommend services and experiences that can be of interest for you.
Personal and special data that we collect about you.
The information that we collect about you and the way in which we collect it can vary depending on the programs and services that you are using and that you are subscribing to, on the way in which you used our programs and services and on the way in which you interacted with Outward Bound Romania , even if you are not a client (you are a carer or an authorized party of the client, etc).
Outward Bound Romania will process your personal and special data based on the following:
-The execution or the termination of the contract that we signed with you for servicing you with experiences, programs and services or for acting on your demands. This allows us also to issue your invoice depending on the programs and the services you used.

-The legitimate comercial interests of Outward Bound Romania, for example, the prevention of fraud, the maintaining of the safety of our data, programs and services, direct marketing and the improvement of our programs and services. Every time we rely on this legal basis to process your data, we are evaluating our comercial interests to make sure they shall not prevail on your rights. In addition, in some cases you have the right to oppose this processing. For extra information, please consult our Your rights section in this briefing.

-The compliance with an imperative legal requirement, including, for example, fiscal and accounting requirements or those that are the object of strict internal policy (like the period of retention), procedures and your right to restrict the use of your own data, which controls the object of the products and legal assistance services that will be rendered.

-The consent that you give when Outward Bound Romania is not relying on another legal basis. The consent can be withdrawn at any moment.
We will collect your personal and special data when, for example:

you are buying or using any of our programs and services
you are inquiring or soliciting information about a particular program or service
you are subscribing to newsletters, alerts or other types of services that we provide
you are contacting us through different chanels
you are taking part in a competition or a draw done by Outward Bound Romania
you are visiting or navigating the Outward Bound Romania website
you granted permission to other companies, like our comercial partners or our associates, but also third party suppliers or our contractors, to exchange information with us regarding personal and special data
your personal and special data are public
we are also collecting information from certain organizations, if this is necessary and to the extent that we have legal basis in this regard.
The type of information that we can have, if necessary:
Name, address,personal numerical code, identification card, home telephone number and/or mobile telephone number, date of birth, gender and e-mail address
Information regarding your bank account and other bank details. We will collect this necessary data strictly for processing a payment or whenever a bank transfer is being done.
Information about the health status, medical history, biometric data- for example weight, body measurements (size, circumference), carried out treatments.
Your contact with us, like a note or the recording of a phone call that you made to one of our contact centres, the Live Chat service, an e-mail or a letter that you sent or any other record of a contact with us.
Your preferences for certain programs, services and lifestyle when you share with us about them or when we presume what they are, based on the way that you are using our products and services.
Information that we obtain from other sources, like associations and other data suppliers.
In order to improve the products and services that we provide, the conversation with our consultants might be recorded and transcribed . If you agree to authorize the recording and the transcription, your call with our consultants will continue. In the event that you don’t want that, please end the call and contact us using our other means of communication.
We will use your personal and special data for the following purposes:
For servicing programs and for delivering our services
For processing your order and for delivering the desired products and services
For processing the products and services that you acquired from us and also for keeping you updated on the status of your order
For delivering relevant products and services to you. This includes other services that are not covered by your contract , services that are using information about your condition. For contacting you with messages regarding modifications of products and services.
Billing and customer service
For issuing your invoice for using our products and services
For contacting you in case the invoicing data that you supplied are about to expire or when we cannot cash the payment.
To answer to any of your questions or concerns that you might have about our products and services
We will also be using your personal and special data to check your identity or the identity of your carers , respectively the legally authorized representatives, where appropriate.
Messages regarding products and services
Outward Bound Romania is using personal and special data , but Outward Bound Romania is creating statistical and agregated management reports using this information that does not identify you in an individual way. Also, Outward Bound Romania can take over this personal and special data and can anonymize it in order to do a more in-depth analysis of our products and services. This contributes to the development of the products and services that Outward Bound offers to its clients, without identifying them in an individual way.
We will contact you with messages from our customer relations service in order to provide you with up-to -date information about our products and services, like new technologies and devices related to your needs, or to inform you of the legislative updates in the field.
to improve the products and services that we are offering to you
Improvements and innovations regarding our products and services
We are collecting anonymous information, without elements of identification or agregates with the purpose of improving the products and services that we offer to everyone. None of this analytical data can lead to your identification.
Marketing and the individualization of the products and services that we are offering to you
As our client, if you have given your consent, we will give you a general up-to-date regarding the new products and services, we will send you newsletters, we will invite you to take part in a study or we will inform you about our offers, promotions, draws or competitions.
We will contact you by mail, online or phone;
Research and analysis
We have a strict procedure regarding the use cases that require the conducting of verification concerning the compliance with the legislation related to the protection of privacy and of data before starting any use case. We have strict rules that are ensuring the anonymisation or the elimination of the identification elements from the personal and special data at the appropriate stage of the procedure.
We are using the analyses for:
Market research and statistical and research analysis, including monitoring the way our clients are using our products and services, in an anonymous or personal manner
The way we exchange personal and special data:
If necessary, we exchange personal and special information with:
Partners or agents involved in the delivery of the products or services you ordered or used
Law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies, regulatory organizations, courtrooms or other public authorities, if we have this legal obligation or if we are authorized by the law
A third party or an organ, when the respective disclosure is necessary for the execution of any aplicable law or of another legal or regulatory demand
County Health Insurance House , specialists in the health sector
Partner organizations, pacient associations that we have chosen very carefully in order to contact you about their products and services (that may or may not include Outward Bound Romania products and services)
Fraud management and law enforcement
We will disclose information if this is justified with the purpose of protecting ourselves against fraud, protecting our rights or property or to protect the interests of our clients

Also, it might be necessary to disclose your information so that we comply with the legal obligation to respond to the legal requests of authorities. Your personal and special data will be released only when, in good faith, we will feel we are forced to do so in accordance with the law and on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation of all the legal requirements.
Third parties we work with
If you have purchased Outward Bound Romania products and services using a third party or a partner organization, often we have to exchange information with them in order to manage that partnership
If we have signed a contract with a service provider or a contractor for service providing or for rendering a service in our name, and they can have access to your personal and special data, the only way they are authorized to use or disclose your data is if it is related to the rendering of their products and services

We are collecting and combining information for the purpose of monitoring your use of our products and services, but also the use of our other clients , as well as to improve the quality of the products and the services that we provide.
International data transfer
At the present, our data is being saved in our locations in Romania.
It might be necessary to transfer your information to other companies from the European Economic Area (EEA). EEA is made up of the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway: it is considered that they have equivalent laws regarding private life and data protection. This type of data transfer can occur in order to carry out some custom made medical devices.
In some cases, Outward Bound Romania will pass on your information to a country outside EEA-for example USA, only with your approval and by making sure that your information is properly protected. We will always make sure there is a proper legal contract that covers data transfer, according to standards approved by the European Comission. ( Furthermore, we will ask the third party to sign a legal contract that will reflect these standards.
The storage duration of your personal and special data
We will store your information for as long as it is required by the law. If there is no legal demand, we will store it only as long as it is necessary.
With the exception of the situation when the law states otherwise, we will typically process your data for the duration of the existence of a contract between you and Outward Bound Romania, plus a period of 5 years since its termination.
The safekeeping of your personal and special data
We have specialized security teams that constantly analyze and improve the measures that we are taking for the protection of your personal and special data against any unauthorized access, accidental loss, disclosure or distruction.
Internet communications (like e-mails) are not sure if they are not encrypted. Your communications can cross many countries before being remitted, because that’s the nature of internet.
We cannot accept the responsibility for any unauthorized access or personal and special data loss that is out of our control.
Your rights
The right to correct personal and special data
You have the right to correct the data that we own about you, if it is not accurate. If the data that we have needs updated or if you feel like it can be incorrect, you can contact our team.
The right to access the personal and special data
You have the right to request a copy of the personal and special data that Outward Bound Romania has about you. Please contact us if you want to make that request as a natural person or an authorized third party.
The right to data portability
You have the right to take with you your own data that you supplied to us in certain circumstances. For example, Outward Bound Romania is making sure that you can take your data.
The right to oppose to the usage of the personal and special data
In certain circumstances, you have the right to oppose to the processing of your personal and special data by Outward Bound Romania

How to stop receiving marketing messages :
If you don’t want to receive marketing messages anymore from Outward Bound Romania regarding our products and services, you can choose to unsubscribe to all of the marketing communications.
How to submitt a complaint
If you want to contact us about any of your rights or to make a complaint regarding the way we are using your personal and special data, please contact our team or send us an e-mail. We will make every effort to help you, but if you are still dissatisfied , you can contact The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing-you can find contacts at
The right to restrict the use of your personal and special data
If you think that the data that we have about you is incorrect or you feel that we should not process you data, please contact our team for a discussion about your rights. In certain circumstances , you will have the right to ask us the restriction of processing.
The right to deletion
Outward Bound Romania seeks to process and keep your data for as long as this is necessary.In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to remove your personal and special data . If you think that we are keeping your data longer than necessary, you should check first the data that Outward Bound Romania is retaining. It is possible that we might still have legal basis for the processing of your personal and special data.