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T.O.T. - Training Of Trainers - ADVANCED level/ERASMUS+

Next period: 

16-25 November 2018

Enroll until the 30th of September and benefit of a 10% discount!

Application deadline: 1 November

Working language: English

Enrollment form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfUj1wnvXsj457_6zpL92GQww2j1lpOJaIq_zYd-EEpuxjBNA/viewform

Target group: Trainers who graduated the Training of Trainers - Basic Level, Indoor or outdoor trainers, Youth workers, Social workers, Teachers, Students, Careers officers, educational guides and counselors - Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education, HR managers; 20+ years old, with previous professional experience

Venue: Sovata 

Contribution: 890 Euro - including: accommodation, meals and equipment, exam fee, program fee 

Check with us if you are eligible for a 50% scholarship!

You have the possibility to attend through Erasmus+ program too. In this case please contact us. 


The training aims improving the quality of education and training in Europe by enhancing the quality development of schools, institution or organizations.
The course provides knowledge, methodology, insights, techniques, and skills needed to achieve this goal.
During the course the trainees will be introduced to methods which enable them to edit their own quality approach.
Certificate as adult educator, accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Work. 



-Identifying and responding to different learning goals and needs

- Shaping the experience towards specific learning goals and for special target groups  

- Customizing interactive games

- Creating new activities 

 -Advanced group dynamics (dealing with resistance, challenging situations, hidden motivations and agendas in a group, etc.)

-The role of the facilitator - levels of intervention, flexible styles

- Risk management, safety during activities

- Layers of debriefing - models, methods, accessories (frontloading, framing, metaphors), fostering participation in reflection processes 

- Creative reviewing methods 

Benefits of the course: 

- deepening professional self-awareness

- deepening the theoretical knowledge about experiential education, with a special focus on debriefing 

- learning new reviewing methods 

- learning to "read a group" - understanding,  following and responding to group dynamics 

- learning to transfer the lessons learned into everyday life or work 

- you will be able to do the risks assessment before delivering the activity and ensure the safety of participants during the process

- you will be able to adjust the activities to the identified learning objectives 

- you will be able to adapt the activities to the needs of the target group 

- you will be able to create new activities 



tel: +40 365 407 673

tel/fax: +40 265 250 939
e-mail: training@outwardbound.ro