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Nicholas Dimăncescu Scholarship Fund


This scholarship was created in the memory of Nicholas Dimancescu by a friend of Outward Bound (USA citizen) together with Outward Bound Romania. Nicholas Dimancescu was a young film director who died in May 2011 while shooting  a documentary in the Surianu Mountains in Romania. You can read more about Nicholas at the following link:

There are offered every year from now on two scholarships for young Romanians with financial challenges to participate on a one week Outward Bound course.

The fund is open to other donations, if you have the possibility, please support young people from Romania to attend outdoor personnal development courses organized by Outward Bound Romania. The cost of a one week Outward Bound course is 150 USD or 100 Euro/person. Each beneficiery will write a report about his/her course experiences which will be sent to the donators and will be posted on this website.

                                                                   Nicholas Dimancescu
                                                                        (1985 - 2011)


Aknowledgment of sponsorship:



Izabella has participated on TOT in March 2014. Her participation fees were partly financed by Nicholas Dimancescu scholarship fund.Fogarasi Izabella, 25 (Targu Mures)

"This training was a great experience for me. I am very glad that I was a part of  the team. I always loved outdoor activities, and I still love hiking, cycling, kayaking, being challenged.
This world unfortunately wants too keep us in safe, wants to hide us, from a lot of situations which help us to grow up. I can’t imagine my life just staying at home in front of a computer, a life without challenge, adventure experience.
This TOT helped me to understand a lot of things like:
1. I need too plan everything, and if something goes wrong, than comes the re-planning.
2. If I have an idea (rather it’s good or not) just say it.
3. It’s good too use the debriefings (that I never used, but now I will) after an activity. By telling the ideas the opinions, and than transferring this learning in real life helped me to understand a lot of thing about my self.
4. Also I learned to have more confidence in me.
Outward Bound it was, and it is a big experience for me, and it’s far beyond words."

Timea has participated on TOT in March 2014. Her participation fees were partly financed by Nicholas Dimancescu scholarship fund.Pany-Vas Timea, 25 (Cluj Napoca)

"I am interested in experiential education. This was the reason why I wanted so much to attend this training. I participated at this kind of trainings and I wanted to know more about this.
I didn’t expect us to go at such an expedition. I confess that this was really hard and very challenging for me. But after the expedition I started to realize many things. This is why I think that after all, it was useful. I fell into a situation where I never was before and this brought out of me things that I never even know that they were there. It was really interesting experiencing this, when after it, we started to analyze it. I learned that I can motivate myself if I want to. So I can do anything that I have to, even if I don’t find joy in it or even if I don’t want to do it.
Another interesting experience was that I was far from every good friend or family member. I missed them very much and this made me more unreserved and undisguised. And because they were all strangers to me I was easily open with them. Through this I could see myself more clearly and I started to know myself better.
I am very thankful for the opportunity that you gave me with this scholarship. With this training I learned a lot and improved in many things! So again, thank You!"



Condoroţeanu Daria-Cristina, 18 (Azuga)

 "(...)Unfortunately I couldn’t do the route to Bezid Lake because I had problems with my right leg and I went there by car. I slept that night under the stars which was an invaluable experience. I felt like I was part of that wonderful setting. The third day we were at the lake and built rafts with which we did races. In the evening we sailed a canoe and a kayak. This was a very pleasant new experience that I want to do it again. (...)I had new experiences in the camp, I met different ways of approaching problems, I learned to get along even outside my comfort zone, I appreciate my parents more now, they are working very much and I saw it is quite hard. All Outward Bound camp meant to me will remain a unique and unforgettable experience. Thank you so much that you gave me the chance to add this camp memories that I have collected!"

adelinaCormoş Adelina-Maria, 19 (Sântana de Mureş)

"I was a part of the team which had to take care of the equipment. This was very challenging for me  because I had to be very organized and to be sure that everything was functioning well. Another challenge was the climbing with the bicycle from the second day. This was physically demanding and really pushed me to my limits because I am not used to go on long distances with a bicycle. Even if I had some moments when I wanted to give up everything , the instructors helped me to realize that I actually can do it . So , one of the most important things I have learned is that giving up is not an option and going on will give you a great satisfaction.(...) I have tried to describe what this camp meant for me, but Outward Bound experience is far beyond words. Thank you again for everything!" 



petojanosPető János, 22 (Herculian)

"I had the chance to participate on a program named Nosce te ipsum! [Know yourself!] together with 8 youth from all over the country. After a one-day of knowing each-other activities I hardly could wait to start the expedition. I really liked that each of us had the opportunity to take responsibilities for the preparation of the expedition and also we tried ourselves in leadership trough leading the group from one checkpoint to the other. After coming back from the 3 day expedition we had an evaluation where we talked about our feelings and personal development. This helped me to clear things in myself and get more mature. Thank you for sponsoring me to participate on this outstanding program!"


biancamarcuMarcu Bianca Liana, 22 (Iaşi)

"All these 6 days were more than a simple experience. It was a lesson (a life-lesson) which helped me to reflect on myself. I consider it was a process, a period of maturing, of personal development – which had a powerful affect on me. New friends, new adventures which trained me physically, emotionally and mentally.
I wrote a line which is typical of me after this training:
Since three days now
Her mouth doesn't keep mum!
I am grateful  to the donators who sponsored me to participate on this training. Thanks for the colleagues, trainer and organizers too!"