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"This course challenged me in many ways, which was the reason I wanted to be here. I am glad I chose Outward Bound for the people, the scenery, and everything else I take back to with me." - Vanessa Vandewater

"… there are so many things I will take home - a new sense of confidence, responsibility, physical ability, and independence. I will take home a culture that I cannot wait to share with others I know. I have learned so many lessons about working with others, communicating and about myself."  - Holly Hough

"I am always surprised when I learn something about myself…. this trip reinforced for me that I really do crave the approval of and interaction with my fellow humans. The most positive experiences were those moments when after uphill struggle I could look out at the impressive views from Ceahlau. These moments came only after hard work on my part, and were therefore very rewarding." - Jason Ruff

"The course is great! It 's challenging, fun and builds confidence. It really helps kids develop and to bond with each other. It helps teacher see students in a different environment." -Jane Wells, teacher, American International School of Bucharest (AISB)