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About Us

"You can find a lot of incredible things out here. Like yourself, for example."

An Outward Bound course is one of the most exciting ways you can discover more about yourself in a friendly and challenging environment.

Discover, develop and achieve your potential.
Leave behind the past, engage the present and prepare for the future.
Accomplish challenging, unfamiliar tasks.
Expand your personal boundaries.
Learn you can do far more than you ever thought possible.

Outward Bound Romania is a non-profit organization specialized in outdoor activities (education and recreation) that was founded in 1993 as an independent member of the internationally recognized Outward Bound International. Since its inception, Outward Bound Romania has developed safe and quality programs, mostly focused on youth. The primary programs include personal development courses for high school students, courses for educators, youth leadership courses, and courses aimed at orphans, troubled, and economically disadvantaged youth. More than 11,000 young people have participated in our courses to date.

Outward Bound works. Try it and you’ll know.

The wilderness is your classroom. The rocks, rivers, forests and lakes are the teaching tools for personal development and empowerment. You’ll encounter physical challenges like climbing and rafting. Other challenges are more subtle, like sharing your thoughts and feelings with others, or learning to work effectively as a member of a team. By removing individuals from their familiar environment, we offer safe, but demanding, physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges. The reward of meeting and conquering these challenges is learning about yourself and your potential. Our programs are created to inspire self-reliance, teamwork, confidence, responsibility, compassion, and community awareness.

When participating in one of our programs, you abandon the restrictions and tedium of daily life for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that inspires confidence. Qualified and capable instructors ensure your safety and provide an environment that allows for a subtle transition of leadership from the instructors to you, the participants, as your self-reliance increases and your group decision-making skills develop. The overall benefits of an Outward Bound Romania experience are obtaining a new strength and a fresh perspective you will carry back with you into daily life.

The Outward Bound Romania experience

OB is a challenging, exhilarating journey that takes place against the backdrop of some of Romania’s most beautiful wilderness. But the real journey will take place inside yourself. That’s because an OB expedition is more than just hiking, climbing and camping. It’s an adventure in the classic sense of the word. It’s about meeting challenges and learning about yourself, others and most importantly, about your potential.

We offer a number of different adventures focusing on promoting self confidence and problem-solving skills. We offer interactive courses and excursions in nature where participants may receive professional training in wilderness skills. Each course is centered around one or more primary activities such as mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, caving or kayaking. During our winter courses you’ll learn to ski. While people are learning to kayak or belay a partner hanging from a cliff, they are learning how to work with and rely on others, be responsible and accountable and how to overcome their personal boundaries of what they believe they can achieve. There are additional elements in each course to enhance your experience, like environmental awareness and ecology, seminars about inter-ethnic problems, outdoor orientation with a map and compass, as well as first aid and practical rescue work.
Courses range from 2 day weekend courses to full 10 day expeditions.

Outward Bound Worldwide

Outward Bound is the pioneer in outdoor personal development. Outward Bound operates in about 30 countries and although every national school differs, every one shares the Outward Bound philosophy and methods. You can see the list of all the schools and centres at the International Outward Bound website.

We provide the tools and the surroundings: all you need is the willingness to try.