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School of experience

School trip on the highest level

The Outward Bound Romania School of Experience has a wide range of activities with the aim of learning different objectives through the various programs described here. You could find yourself doing a ropes bridge river crossing, orienteering, rock climbing (both in the mountains and on our rock climbing wall), rapelling, bicycle expeditions, hiking, kayaking, building a shelter out of snow or branches, raft building and rafting, and a wide range of other interactive challenges. Each course can be designed with a mix of the following elements. It's up to you and your school group to decide what you need most.

Participants: pupils of 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 grades
Period: 3 or 4 days with preliminary agreement
Locations: Sovata - Outward Bound International Youth Center


Types of programs:

Get to know your colleagues better, develop group solidarity and a strong team spirit. We especially recommend this program to 9th graders or to student groups who want to learn to work together better.

Communication skills
The secret of working in a group is open communication between the members. This course helps people learn to express opinions, discuss different ideas and clearly communicate information. It facilitates a better understanding and comprehenshion on the part of the participant.

Project management
This program is good for learning how to find solution(s) for challenges you or your group are facing. Participants learn how to create a strategy and put it into practice. It is necessary for all the members of the group to participate in order to reach a commom goal through creative solutions.

Leadership development
You can test your leadership skills, learning leadership theory and then putting it into practice. This course introduces various leadership styles.

Wilderness School
This course is intended to the advanced groups, those who have already participated on School of Experience. The activities will take place outdoor and the participants will sleep in tents.

Minimum number of participants: 15 students

Additional information:
NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to participate in any of these activities! Never been rock climbing? Never seen a kayak? No problem! Everyone has the opportunity to learn and try all the activities offered in these courses!

We're sorry, but these programs are only offered to groups, not individuals. If you would like to partake in one of these courses, you'll need to sign up with other individuals as a whole group.

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